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The Kitchen Place Tips: 4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen. Sure, they’re boxes with shelves, drawers, and doors, but they’re your kitchen’s furniture, and they should be built to last with a design that represents the personality of their owner. Our Spokane Kitchen Cabinetry Company suggest that you make sure your cabinets match the flow of your home.

Custom cabinets provide unlimited kitchen design options

Cabinets from a big box store may be cheaper (sometimes), but they’re never a better value than cabinets that are custom made. When you add together all of the benefits of custom cabinetry, you’ll understand why homeowners who choose custom kitchen cabinets enjoy their decision every day.

 Custom Cabinetry Benefits:

  1. They’re Built to Last –Custom cabinets are made by skilled cabinet makers by hand – not on assembly lines.  Cabinet makers take pride in their work, using quality materials for a finished product that’s a work of art.  Custom cabinets are quality construction that’s built to last.
  2. Local Sourcing –If you are concerned about the origin of the wood used for your cabinets, then you immediately see the benefit of custom cabinetry. You have a much broader choice of wood for your project including using local or domestic hardwoods that lessen the impact on the environment.
  3. Personal Selection –Stock cabinets may include “hundreds of combinations” but you are still limited by the product availability. Custom cabinets provide you with a personal customized selection of wood, style, finish, and hardware to address your goals and needs. Stock cabinetry is made in an assembly line in batches at different times and often results in non-matching materials and finishes. Custom cabinetry is made per order with hand-selected woods and is all finished at the same time.
  4. Built to Fit –Have an unusual kitchen layout or an unconventional floor plan? Stock cabinets are designed for stock kitchen sizes, so if you have wall left over, you will need fillers in these areas. Fillers, while they have their place should be used sparingly as needed.  Custom cabinets can be built to any size you specify, which makes all of your spaces usable, taking advantage of nearly every inch in your kitchen. Custom cabinets give you a fitted look unavailable with stock cabinetry.

Kitchen Design with Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinet makers aren’t necessarily designers. To get the most value out of your custom cabinetry, it helps to enlist the talents of an experienced kitchen designer who can guide you through all the options with your best interests in mind. By adding custom design elements to your home, you will not only increase the value of your home, you will make your kitchen a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Take a moment to peruse through our kitchen and bath design galleries of beautiful custom cabinetry to find the right look and fit for your home.


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Emily LanningThe Kitchen Place Tips: 4 Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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